Marriage Preparation

Preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage

Saint Mary Magdalene Parish, Waupaca

Congratulations on your engagement! You can be assured of our prayers during this exciting time as you prepare for your wedding day. Marriage preparation in the Diocese of Green Bay and Saint Mary Magdalene are designed to help you marry well. It is intended to provide a solid base so that you may have a joy-filled and blessed marriage. Each couple is expected to complete the entire marriage preparation program one month prior to the scheduled celebration. 

Marriage Preparation Document 

Marriage Preparation Check List 

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Components to Be Completed

Couples are to complete the following components and provide proof of attendance and/or completion. It is not necessary to complete them in order, so long as all components are fulfilled:

  1. An initial meeting with the priest.
  2. Participate in the FOCCUS with a qualified couple (Usually 2 meetings)
  3. Attend and participate in the ONE DAY Diocesan Marriage Preparation Program –OR- Engaged Encounter, which is a retreat opportunity.
  4. Attend and participate in the Diocesan program, “God’s Plan for a Joy-filled Marriage”
  5. When components 1-4 have been satisfied, another meeting with the priest to conclude the marriage preparation and finalize liturgical plans. (Note: Final liturgical plans may not be finalized until the marriage preparation #’s 1-4 have been satisfied)
  6. Catholics are to celebrate the sacrament of reconciliation prior to the wedding day.


Documentation Needed for Marriage

  • Certified copies of the baptism certificate. This is obtained through contacting your parish of baptism. If you are Catholic, ask also for the record of your confirmation.
  • Proof of completion of all components of the marriage preparation.
  • Civil marriage license. This is to be applied for within 30 days of the wedding date and is to be brought to the Rehearsal.
  • Please also submit two copies of the wedding program for your file.
  • In some cases dispensations or permissions need be sought from the Bishop. If this applies to you, the priest will assist you with obtaining the proper dispensations or permissions.
marriage certification

If You Were Married Before

A copy of the annulment decree or death certificate of a former spouse. If you have been married before and have not obtained an annulment or declaration of nullity from a diocese, you will need to proceed with that process before a date for marriage can be set. You are not eligible for marriage in the Catholic Church if you have been married before and have not obtained a decree of marriage nullity. This applies to Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

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